How it's working?


How it's working

Lease of cylinderless water dispensers

The basic service we provide is equipment lease. We strive to act in such a way that our customers, when switching from a cylinder to a non-cylinder system, receive benefits in the form of savings in funds spent on water purchases and employee time needed to maintain a constant supply of water.

Thanks to our cylinder-free system, you do not need to plan water purchases and storage.
With our water system for employees, there will always be and will always be used exactly the amount that is needed.

An additional advantage is saving the space needed for storing cylinders and no need to carry heavy cylinders.


Sedimentation and carbon filters from aqua cure hydro + reduce contamination, taste and smell of chlorine. They provide very tasty and clean water in the quality of bottled water straight from the tap. Filters for gastronomy, catering, water dispensers and vending machines – reduce the carbonate hardness of drinking water and prevent scale build-up in connected end devices.

The filter capacity is 6000 liters
Filters are replaced every 6 months.

The filtering agent binds heavy metal ions, e.g. lead and copper. It reduces water turbidity as well as organic pollution. The residues of insecticides, pesticides, benzene, petrochemical elements, PCBs, defoliants, chlorine and any other pollutants harmful to health or spoiling its taste and smell are removed.


You can drink the water straight from the tap

The water that flows in our taps is free of bacteria, as evidenced by regular tests.

Hard water is good for the body

Hard water is nothing but water that contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium and sodium.

Cooking softens the water

Boiling up causes the water to soften by precipitation of some minerals. In this way, we reduce the mineral composition of the water.

The amount of water you drink depends on your age and lifestyle

How much water we drink depends on age, but also on what we eat, as there is also water in our food. People who work physically or do sports should drink 0.5 l of water per hour of exercise.

Drinking water helps you lose weight

By drinking water, we accelerate metabolism, burn fat faster, and we also have less desire for sweets and unhealthy snacks.

Drinking water adds beauty

Cellulite, i.e. the orange peel is the result of toxins accumulated under the skin. Drinking water helps to remove them and ensures a beautiful figure.


Hard water causes the build-up of calculus on the kidneys

Kidney stones are formed as a result of metabolic disorders. These are deposits of undissolved oxalate, urate, phosphate, struvite or cholesterol.

There are dangerous bacteria in tap water

Tap water is monitored on an ongoing basis and there are no harmful bacteria in it.

Before drinking water, it should be boiled beforehand

Boiled water is soft because minerals are precipitated from it - such water has much less nutritional value than unboiled water.

You should drink when you feel thirsty

The feeling of thirst occurs only when the body is dehydrated. Satisfying it gives us a level of hydration within 60% - which means that there is still not enough water in the body.

Tap water is unhealthy

Tap water has minerals, including bioelements such as calcium and magnesium.

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